Lots to update this week…. But I wouldn’t call it the “frugal five,” considering this is warring for possibly one of our most expensive weeks ever.

So here’s to hoping July starts off on a cheaper note, because phew July has gone out with a bang.

Also – to note – this week is also a dumpster fire at the SCOTUS level – alllll the garbage decisions, plus the first anniversary of Dobbs. What a time to be alive.

Friday’s (Un)Frugal Five

1. The husband’s truck has been having some issues reversing, and his tires were on their very last, aka probably should have been replaced months ago.

He took it into the shop this week, because while he does basic maintenance himself, the bigger stuff is beyond his skill set. Between the transmission work and the new set of tires, that was a $3,000 maintenance visit. Thank goodness for sinking funds.

2. My car also has some repair work to be done, but I’m waiting for the part to come in. Unlike the truck though, this is a complete waste of money and entirely my fault.

Last week, I parked in a different parking garage than usual, and as I was backing out, I turned around to talk to the kiddo about something (because my right ear doesn’t work well so I can’t hear him while facing forward).

And then I heard a quick crunch/snap, and there went my right side mirror. It’s going to cost a couple extra hundred dollars to paint match the replacement, which feels like a lot… but I’m going to do it because I still plan to have this car a long time and the non matching will bug me eventually, but ouch. That was a very expensive half a second.

It snapped off so cleanly 😅

3. On the flip side from all the car repairs going on though, I was able to bike eight of the last nine days. It definitely makes it a whole lot easier to be a temporarily one car family when I have the cargo bike option to haul the kid around locally.

The cargo bike was expensive, so I’m now down to just under $18/mile to ride it, though that cost drops every time I take it out. Will be a long while still before it is a truly good “financial” purchase, but it is also paying huge dividends in flexibility, physical exercise, and mental health. Absolutely worth the price tag.

Kiddo reading in the back of the bike

4. Noting said hearing loss and how it actually does cost me more than I’d like to admit in my day to day life:


Out of pocket, they’re $8,000. Ouch. I should see a reimbursement from my insurance in the next 45-60 days of $6,000+, so cross your fingers for me that most of it will eventually be covered.

The husband and kiddo are already commenting on what a difference they’re making, and while my brain hurts from getting used to actually using my right ear for input for the first time in 6.5 years, I’m cautiously optimistic that they’re going to make a real positive difference in my life.

Hard to get a photo of them, but there they are!

5. To close out the very expensive week, I landed myself in the emergency room Wednesday night after getting stung twice by ground wasps while watering the garden. I’ve been stung quite a few times over my life: 9 in one leg as a preteen where it was nothing more than small painful lumps, and then once in my hand last year where my whole hand swelled up, but this time was different.

I’ve never been allergic to anything, so full body hives and painful swollen spots at the actual sting sites were a lot more than I’ve ever experienced before. I called the nurse hotline, thinking they’d tell me to take some Benadryl and call my doctor for a follow up, but instead they told me to go straight in to the hospital.

I got hooked up to an IV, pumped full of antihistamines and steroids, but got to go home after not too long. I now have EpiPens in case for future though – which were shockingly only $10! Now to wait and see how much the ER visit costs me.

I am feeling so much better today though – even the kiddo’s first words to me this morning were how I looked so much better. Yep, kid, I feel so much better, too. But whoa that was a scary experience.

Here’s to hoping this settle down now, and July is a much less expensive month. I have to say though, what a different experience than when we had an unexpected emergency vet visit six years ago and had to figure out how to come up with an extra $5,000 without draining all of our cash savings at the same time.

The money stuff can feel like a slow slog sometimes, but then weeks like this one show up and make it clear how much progress you’ve really made.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s (Un)Frugal Five (June 30, 2023)

  1. Thank for the update! Expensive and painful as June has been for you, I am predicting a fabulous July for y’all 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the hearing aids! I hope you continue to update us on them. Hearing loss is linked to lots of issues yet there’s still a reluctance to use assistive devices. It’s good to see positive role modeling!

    1. Will do! My brain is tiiiiired from all the new input but I’m slowly getting used to them.

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