Hello! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Angela, a Pacific Northwest native who hates most seafood, loves to garden, cook, hike, camp, run, read, and explore, while lightening my impact on the planet in everything I do.

I’m a mama to one awesome five year old son and have been married since I was just twenty one. I work as a LEED AP for a company that builds green, affordable communities in urban areas. I have no plans to quit but am still very much focused on financial independence because it will give me the option to say “I want to be here,” not “I have to be.”

Join me on my journey to tread lightly and (maybe) retire early.

Time to chat? Send me an email: 🙂

I’ve also teamed up with my good friend Kristine on our new site Sowing the seeds of change! Find us there for all things Ecofrugal and how to live a more sustainable, frugal life.

Want to know more? Check out my recent Transparency post for more of my back story and how I’ve landed where I am now. And here’s where else you can find me – podcast interviews, guest posts, and media appearances.

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