I’m in my (very) late 20s and I’m still very much in the learning and growing phase of my career. Most of the time, I’m pretty content heading into work, and I don’t dread Monday showing up (though it definitely helps that I cut my hours to 80% time and leave the office by 2 or 3 every day to go hang out with my favorite little man). 

So why care so much about FIRE (Financial Independence/Early Retirement) when I’m not sure 100% early retirement will ever be for me? The company I’m at consists mostly of people in their late 40s to early 60s and none of them are financially able to retire. While some of them seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs, most are really there only because they have no other choice. 

They may have once been excited about their career and their work, but that time has long past. And many of them are clearly unhappy about sticking it out, and that bleeds into every part of their work. I don’t ever want to be stuck working a job well past the “I like it most of the time” phase just because I don’t have enough to survive. 

If I continue working past 40, I want it to be because I truly care about what I’m doing and actively want to be there. Financial independence will allow me to say “I choose to be here” instead of “I have to be.”