Two degrees Celsius. The do-not-cross line for the most damaging affects of climate change.

NY Magazine published yet another article ( yesterday on how bad climate change is for all of us. As someone whose undergrad degree is Environmental Science and went back to grad school for Sustainable Building / Sustainable Food & Agriculture, the content itself wasn’t really surprising. 
But I’ve been in quite a funk the last 6 months or so about my career / where I’m at in life. I’ve been so bogged down in the everyday slog of M-F job and the associated politics that the content the job hasn’t seem to matter. I’ve been unhappy and wondering if this is what I want to do with my life for the next 30-35+ years. 

Which brings me to the idea of FIRE (financial independence/retire early) – how can I change the trajectory of my life so I don’t HAVE to be sitting at my desk 30 years from now? Selfishly, how can I create a different life for myself? But in reality, that is still another 15 years out for me in all honesty. So I continued to struggle with the day to day, wishing I felt that same fire for my career that I have since I first really learned what climate change meant back in 6th grade (thanks Mr. Frank – you’ll probably never know how much you’ve influenced my life). My head knew what I do is important, but my heart hasn’t been in it. 

Then I read the NY Magazine article today. It may not have been groundbreaking, new information, but it struck me in the heart. We need to do better, and we need to do better now. I’ve been reading for 20 years how we’re running out of time to avoid the worst of the possible climate change impacts, and that time is now.

Two degrees Celsius. 

The FIRE movement really focuses on individual lives and creating independence from your career and your need to earn an income. But for me it needs to be about more than just personal independence. Frugality and mindfulness have evolved out of green living for me, which has been the basis for how I live my life. I’d just forgotten the big picture of why it matters. 

I intend to tread lightly, and retire early. 

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