We didn’t have any real plans last weekend, so we took a laid back, slow couple of days. All three of us usually prefer to be off doing things every weekend day, but occasionally it’s nice to just stay close to home and quiet. We say we mean to have more weekends like that, but something almost always pulls us in another direction.

Since we had no real plans on Sunday, we headed over to my parents’ house for lunch after church. We also wanted to head into town to check out possible carry on luggage sizes for our trip to Iceland this upcoming winter, so we’d planned to do that right after lunch and before the kiddo went down for his nap. My mom offered to take care of nap time instead, so my husband and I walked down to the luggage shop by ourselves.

We checked out the luggage sizes (Icelandair’s sizing is SO restrictive!) and realized we may be paying for at least one checked bag. We’re going to have to pack winter clothing, so fitting them in two day pack sized bags seems a bit unlikely. If we do go that route though, I will be sure to pack a bunch of snacks and some ground coffee to reduce our grocery spending while we’re there (though likely not the $85 – $100 extra the bag check costs). After leaving the store, we went and got a few drinks from the brewery and then walked back. We don’t get too many date nights, so we are always very appreciative of the date time we do get. Thanks again, mom.

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. I was up late on Thursday night after my commission meeting, so I was dragging a bit on Friday due to lack of sleep. The husband noticed, so he snuck the kiddo out of bed Saturday morning when he woke up at his normal 6:30AM. They walked to the grocery store for doughnuts and then off to the park, and I got to sleep in until 7:30AM. They were still gone, so I lazied in bed until 8:30AM.

For a mom of a young child who gets up early seven days a week, waking up slowly and lounging in bed felt like the height of luxury. My husband may not ever buy me flowers or jewelry (because I adamantly don’t want them), but he knows what will really matter to me. And some of those best gifts don’t cost a thing.

2. This was another week where we could have easily ordered take out or delivery for dinner a couple of times. Instead, we had some really low key dinners: one of grilled sausages and corn, and then the next night the leftover sausages and some corn in a soup, plus mac and cheese for the kiddo and husband to pad it out. Perhaps this doesn’t seem like a big deal to some people, but for us, reining in our food spending is always something to be celebrated.

3. We carpooled to the kiddo’s preschool again one day this week and then I walked the three miles to work from there. Since my husband goes in so early, this allows the kiddo and I to have a simple coffee shop breakfast together before my work day starts. Perhaps not the most frugal option, as I’m – gasp – buying myself a latte, but the time together is something we both really love. We’re mindful about our food costs these days, but we still spend a good amount of money there.

4. I listened to the Tiny Bites Podcast episode with Cait Flanders this week, and part of  the discussion reflected on long shopping bans and minimalism. Both Britt and Cait talked about eventually feeling the desire for new clothes after pursing minimalism and not shopping for so long. I realized while listening to them that I still haven’t had that reaction, even after almost two and a half years without buying clothes.

However, I’ve gotten hand me down clothes and shoes from at least five different people now. Because of those wonderful gifts, I feel like I have actually gotten quite a few *new* things. Like the talk about in the episode, a wardrobe refresh works just as well from secondhand and thrifted clothing, which I’ve definitely experienced with the clothes I’ve had handed down to me. So thanks, friends, your gifts have made all the difference.

5. We had another dinner with my family this week like we usually do. My mom and grandmother watch the kiddo once a week, and I usually end up staying for dinner when I pick him up in the afternoon. This partially started as a way to avoid traffic because it gets pretty horrendous later in the day, but its morphed into a really great family time.

Sometimes we do go out or get meals picked up, but we also often just make meals at their house. This one is an extra frugal “win” for me as they usually pick up the tab, but I do try and pay occasionally. While they don’t need my money, I want to show my appreciation for them and be sure not to take advantage of the situation. Still, I sure do love a free dinner.

Exercise Update

Sunday we went for our long walk lunch date, so I got in quite a few steps that day. Monday’s weather was beautify, so I decided to go for a walk instead of hop on the elliptical at the end of my work day since I didn’t bring workout clothes with me.

Tuesday was my walk into work and then a run and lifting session in the afternoon. Thanks to that combination, I ended the day with another 22,000+ steps. Wednesday was a long walk with my dad instead of going for a run because I didn’t feel like changing into workout gear.

Thursday we walked in the Kirkland Fourth of July parade, so we bused downtown beforehand. I checked the bus schedule ahead of time, but apparently it hadn’t adjusted for the holiday schedule, so we ended up having to job for the bus there. It took us nine minutes to go 0.7 mile (so a 12:51 min/mile pace). Not bad for a four year old.

We also then walked the whole parade, which is a loop through a good part of downtown, then walked to the bus and then home. Another 20,000 step day in the books. It’s been a while since I’ve had two in a week, and it feels good. I posted more about our 4th on Instagram, if you want the lowdown of our whole day.

How did you spend your 4th?


13 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (2019 – Week 26)

  1. We had a pretty low-key 4th of July here. We could have gone to the city’s celebration with free entertainment and pool time, but were pretty tired so decided to just let the kiddos play in our sprinkler at home for awhile, watch a movie, then drive to watch the fireworks. We found a spot in a retail parking lot where you can see the city’s fireworks as well as at least half a dozen other sites of individuals setting off their own displays. It was pretty cool as you could just spin in a circle and see fireworks from all angles. Kiddos were wiped out as this didn’t happen until almost 10 p.m., but they stayed awake and played with glow sticks as we watched.

    Love that you got a sleeping-in morning and a free date night! Those are so precious when you have young ones who demand so much of your attention.

    1. Sounds like a perfect 4th with young kiddos! And yes – sleeping in was pretty dang luxurious.

  2. mrs. smidlap went to a party 30 minutes from our house. i stayed home on the 4th because i’ve been to that party many times and it was going to make for a long work day with a 6am wake-up today. you gotta know thyself. it was hotter than heck here so i just chilled with some wine in the cool basement after my 2 hour nap. that’s a successful holiday.

    i remember the first time i picked up a restaurant check for my folks. it felt good.

    1. I meant to pick up the check when we had breakfast with them last Saturday! But I was too busy talking to my brother and missed my chance, dang it.

  3. My 4th was quiet. I worked and then watched most of the new Stranger Things season. I watched a few fireworks, but I was up late the night before so I was exhausted and went to bed relatively early. Somehow, despite the firecrackers and fireworks going off. A boring 4th, I suppose, but not too bad.

    1. The problem with having so much daylight up here is that firework shows aren’t until 10PM. Way too late for me even pre kid 😂

  4. We were at my sister’s house, and I alternated between outside with the bigger kids shooting off small fireworks (burning my thumb!) and inside with the little kids, watching fireworks on YouTube because they were afraid of the noises. Pretty amazing!

    1. Fireworks are such a hit or miss thing with so many animals and pets.

  5. We made dinner at home, ate homemade melon sorbet for dessert, and watched the 4th of July episode of Pete & Pete (yes, we’re old) before heading out for fireworks. Love our small town fireworks show but it didn’t start until 10pm so it was a late night for the kiddos. Today we went to the lake for a bit and this afternoon I’ll do some baking and maybe make a batch of raspberry jam to use up our stash of frozen berries. Love long summer weekends at home!

  6. We went to Iceland a couple of years ago and frequently bought sandwiches at the local grocery store. I swear the same people supply the entire island. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to find, and tasted good. I’m also sure you’ve thought of this, but I would wear your hiking boots and heavy coats on the plane to save space. We went in February and I found hiking boots and good winter socks totally adequate, and didn’t bring snow boots at all. Too big, too heavy, and not mobile enough for our wanderings. If you end up on the glaciers they’ll give you crampons or snowshoes anyway. I also packed a lot of thinner layers, which I washed in the sink to avoid buying and taking multiples. Hope that’s helpful!

    1. Thanks!! Definitely planning on wearing that gear on the plane. From researching online it looks like the grocery store prices are actually pretty reasonable.

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