The kiddo turned FIVE yesterday. He starts t-ball next month and kindergarten this coming fall. Not such a little guy any more, but I’m loving watching his personality grow as he morphs into more of his own person. He’s sleeping in his own bed these days (with a ton of stuffies), getting his own snacks on occasion, and taking care of the dogs’ feeding times.

We were supposed to have his birthday party last Sunday, but unfortunately, he came down with a fever on Saturday morning. He was feeling mostly okay the next day, but we didn’t want to chance it and had to push it off. He was upset to begin with, but understood why we moved the party, and ultimately went with the flow. More than anything, that showed how grown up he’s getting to be, and I’m so proud of him.

Happy birthday, little man, I love you. You complete our little family of three, and I wouldn’t have life any other way. Your daddy and I are so lucky to be your parents.

First picture as a five year old!

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Friday’s Frugal Five

1. We celebrated a coworker’s birthday with cake, and as always, I made sure to bring my own plate, fork, and coffee mug. It means a bit more wash for me afterward, and it’s not a money saving thing – but definitely an EcoFrugal one. Financial costs have externalities to the planet, and disposable plates and utensils are ones I will avoid at all costs.

We will be moving offices soon, and I was able to advocate for a dishwasher in our new break room. With more space and the easier dish washing option, we will be getting dishes and silverware for the whole team to keep in the kitchenette. I’m sure it won’t be a 100% switch to reusable right away, but it will be better for sure.

Plate from my freshman year dorm room

2. The kiddo didn’t feel like going anywhere on Sunday morning since he was recovering from the fever the day before – but otherwise was doing fine – so our roommate watched him while my husband and I went on a hike through our backyard trails.

The two of them played Magic cards (our roommate is teaching him how) and had a great time while we were gone, and we got some one on one time to meander through the woods and chat with no interruptions. We are so lucky to have gotten such a great roommate, and we for sure owed him a beer afterward for the impromptu babysitting session.

There was SUNSHINE

3. I’ve been waiting months for the mornings to get light early enough to be able to walk to work the days the kiddo and I get dropped off together near preschool. It finally dawned on me this week that there was another route I could take that was well lit/populated, so I jumped on the chance.

The main road is less scenic than the trail, and slightly longer, but I was able to skip the bus part of the trip and walk the full 3+ miles, which is what I definitely prefer to do, and I’m glad I don’t have to take months off now during the winter months.

4. My parents (and grandmother) live about 20-25 minutes from us, so their closest library is a different one from ours. I had never been to theirs, and since the weather has been so wet and rainy lately, I suggested we go check it out when I picked up the kiddo after work. I grabbed him and my grandmother and we headed down the hill to visit the library.

It turns out that their library is absolutely wonderful, and it has an amazing section for the kids with a ton of comfy seating, a bin full of puppets with a stage, and a ton of different toys and puzzles and games to play with. We spent a couple of hours there and will definitely be back.

Oh and books, of course

I also visited my local library this week, picking up a couple of holds (Kitchen Literacy and Your Money or Your Life – both nonfiction reads!) as well as a couple of kid movies. If you aren’t using your local library, you’re missing out.

5. For the kiddo’s actual birthday, my husband picked up buy one get one free lobster tails from the grocery store for dinner. I don’t eat much seafood (up from absolutely no seafood) and abhor both lobster and crab – some of my husband’s favorite foods – so he is thrilled to have that love to share with our kiddo.

We also finally ate the cake we had baked for last Sunday’s cancelled birthday party with some of our neighbors. We’ll make another one for his rescheduled party, but cakes just don’t keep and are meant to be eaten.

Ps – the Smart Money Mamas Show launched yesterday, and I recorded with Chelsea for one of her podcast launch episodes. I had a great time chatting with her along with my friends Julie and Stephonee. We talk about our money stories, motherhood, and the important of community. Check out the episode here!

Exercise Update

Unfortunately, I did no running again this past week while I continue to let my heel recover. I did walk a lot though (maybe too much), but I also did a bunch of ice, massage, and epsom salt soaks. Two weeks in and it’s finally on the mend.

Friday was forty minutes on the stationary bike and a slow hour long walk. Saturday a walk in Seattle with Purple and her partner before they fed me dinner. Sunday was that hike with my husband and a 22,000 step day.

Monday and Tuesday were more walking, both 20,000+ step days, meaning I had a three day streak of them (whoops, maybe not quite “taking a break”). Thursday was twenty minutes back on the stationary bike.

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

30 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (2020 – Week 6)

  1. So fun! Sorry your kiddo was sick, but glad he rolled with the punches. Our littler one will turn 5 later this month, so we’re thinking about how to celebrate. He has never had a “friend” birthday party, so this may be the year as we seem to have space in our house for his preschool class to come over and celebrate. I always make the cake, which is fun. I’m not a skilled decorator at all, but my cakes still taste good!

    Definitely take advantage of any free babysitting you can get! We need to get out more often, but don’t have any family or free babysitters in our area yet. Luckily we both work from home, so we go on occasional coffee dates when both kiddos are at school MWF mornings. That’s been really nice; we get to splurge on a fun coffee and enjoy quiet conversation, but it’s cheaper than going out for a meal.

    Keep healing that heel! We’re on a snow day since in KY, a half-inch of snow requires cancellation of all activities, ha! We’re used to IL and WI where it has to be 8 or 10 inches to cancel anything. The kids are begging to go outside and play in the snow, so here we go!

  2. it’s just the two of us in our little family so if we have a birthday that ends in a zero we tend to have a party. when i turned 50 some friends came to nola to meet other friends and have a crawfish and shrimp boil party.

    5 is a great age. we used to have a small party every “kid” year with a homemade cake and a few kids over. your money or your life is a great book. i think it’s the only one you need to read in the whole space. i should lend out my copy.

  3. Glad to hear he is feeling better and that your heel is feeling better. I want to say something meaningful but I can’t stop thinking about the amount of layers in that chocolate cake. That is all! Happy Friday. Oh, I LOVE chocolate cake.

    1. OMG I got distracted by the cake too 😍! Happy birthday to the little man, glad he’s feeling better!

    2. The cake came from the bakery in the updated grocery across from work – they make some GOOD stuff.

  4. I thought your son and mine were close in age- he turns 5 on Monday ☺️ it’s such a fun age. We’re having a party this weekend with just family- aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. It’s plenty for this age especially as he’s not in school yet to have classmates to invite. We’re cooking a simple meal for everyone here and a homemade (box mix) cake.

    1. My kiddo doesn’t have any cousins, so in order to have anyone under the age of 20, we have to invite friends 🙂

  5. Fantastic library! In our family we celebrate the kid birthday with grandparents when our schedules permit. When our daughter was little we had so much fun planning parties at home for friends (Barbie movie party and pass the Barbie like hot potato game).

    1. House parties are so fun, regardless of the age! And we are now doing one family party and one friend party for maximum fun 🙂

  6. Happy 5th birthday to your son!! Sucks that he can down with the fever but good thing you guys will still throw a party for him even though it’s later an expected.
    Your Money or Your Life is a great read, you’ll enjoy it.

  7. Awe, happy birthday to you little guy!

    I’m also a big fan of walking to work in the morning (and dislike taking time off in the winter). We’re in a place right now where the sidewalks are basically hidden under ice and snow so I am counting down the days until it’s gone.

    Hope the heel keeps improving. Foot pain is the worst.

    1. Yeah, thankfully ice and snow is quite a rare occurrence around here, as I tend to fall a lot.

  8. Happy birthday to the little guy! He’s adorable! And I hope he’s all better now. 🙂

    Like you, I despise all the waste from disposable utensils and plates and cups. Everyone at work thinks I’m crazy for reusing stuff, saying, “It’s not your money. What do you care?” when I refuse to use a paper cup only once. (I’ve had several mugs there, all of which have mysteriously disappeared over the years.) I also keep real silverware there and pack my own reusable plasticware from home. It’s all stuff I took from take out joints and refused to throw away after one use. People think I’m nuts, but we go through SO MUCH!!!

    Anyway, I hope your healing progresses quickly! You’re still being active, though. Good for you! 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday to your little boy. So glad you’re enjoying him. It’s kind of your roommate to spend time with him. Talking about seafood, my co worker can’t even stand the smell of any kind of seafood-found this out when I brought something from the sea to share at the office, actually it was surimi. The other co workers didn’t mind at all, they had larger portions!

    1. Our roommate loves the little guy. It’s pretty special that he has an extra “uncle” who lives with us.

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