Last weekend was another weekend hanging near home. The weather was actually pretty decent – with sunshine and low fifties for part of the days – so we spent quite a bit of time outdoors. It might not be summer yet, or even spring, but it’s obvious that the winter gloom is starting to loosen its grip, at least for now. The gray lingers until full summer though, so we especially pay attention to and take advantage of the nice days when they appear.

What I do need to do is spend some more time out in the garden. This time of year the sunshine never touches the yard though, so I continue to get drawn away and toward the sunshine. Thanks to earlier efforts, my perennial plants are doing well, and the first of the rhubarb leaves are already beginning to poke through the soil.

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. Since it was actually not supposed to rain most of Saturday, we invited a few friends over for a bonfire and a low key dinner. One of the friends brought her two kids with her, so the three of them played together for much of the afternoon and evening.

Once some other friends arrived, we got ready to walk over to the grocery store to pick up the few things we needed for dinner. The kiddos wanted to stay at the house and play, and our roommate offered to stay back and hang out with them while we went to the store. For a single guy with no kids of him own, he is pretty great with the kids, and we’re lucky to have him.

Hanging out at the park before heading to our house for dinner

2. I had some training for work in Seattle Monday afternoon, so I hopped the bus downtown. Instead of waiting for the transfer to the building where the class was, I got off the bus and walked the mile and change, enjoying the warming sunshine.

The route took me across a bridge I had never been on before, giving me a new and stellar view of the Seattle skyline. Whenever I can manage it, I prefer to walk or take the bus. It’s so much easier, cheaper, and less stressful, and it tends to come with a better view as well.

3. I finally booked our flights to Kauai for Bethany’s wedding in June. I had set a Google Flights alert for the dates for a good four months, tracking the costs of the trip. On average, each round trip ticket ranged from $518 to $758 dollars or more.

On Tuesday, I got an alert that the cost per ticket had dropped to just $338. After watching the price fluctuate for so long, it was clear these were likely to be the cheapest flights we would get, so I booked them. We also had our Alaska companion ticket for the year, so one of the tickets was just $99 + taxes and fees.

All in, we paid just $1,160.49 for four direct, round trip flights to Hawaii. While we could have used points to offset the cost, we can now use them toward lodging and other trip costs. Sometimes, it’s worth paying out of pocket, and for under $300 a ticket, I’d say this trip is a good example of that.

4. We went to Ash Wednesday at my church with our neighbors, and she texted me earlier in the afternoon if we wanted to have a quick dinner together beforehand. She picked up the ingredients and then the two of us prepped a really good meatball soup (will need to remember it for future!), ate the quick dinner, and then headed to church together.

(And then, of course, we headed down to the park with them and another neighbor family with kiddos the next day. We really do live in the best neighborhood.)

It’s now the start of Lent, and I’ve decided to give up alcohol for the duration. While I don’t drink all that much – and don’t usually spend a ton on what I do – I want to break the habit of having something to drink when we go out or on the weekends just because. It should save a bit of money over the forty days as well, but that’s just an extra bonus.

5. If you missed it, Frugasaurus and I launched this week! I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response to the project, and she and I are having so much fun putting it together. When you live and breathe ecofrugality like we do, it’s no wonder we have endless ideas for what to do with this project.

I would be eternally grateful if you popped over to the site and let me (us!) know what you think. We’re in the early days yet, but I have high hopes for the resource it can be for the ecofrugality community and anyone looking to dip there toes in to get a bit better at it themselves.

Exercise Update

My heel definitely feels better than it did a week ago, but still not 100%, so I still didn’t run this week, though longer walks seem to be okay. Here’s to hoping it will be back to normal soon.

Friday was a long walk plus some time on the stationary bike. Saturday was a slow three hour meander in the park for PokemonGo community day with the kiddo and my mother in law.

Sunday was the gym (stationary bike, weights, and stretching). Monday was walking to and from the bus in Seattle, and Tuesday through Thursday was more walking and trips to the park in the nice weather.

Am I bonkers to take on another project? Or are you like me with the tendency to always fill up your time with (good) things?

16 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (2020 – Week 9)

  1. i could stand to take on some more activities. my issue is i’m picky and won’t take something on just to fill up the spare time. it’s a process. i have been authorized to get a puppy and that would probably take plenty of satisfying time in training and such. we’ll see where that goes.

    that’s a pretty good deal for the hawaii trip. we can barely get anywhere direct from our little buffalo airport.

    1. Yeah, I clearly don’t have the problem of finding ways to fill up my time. And a puppy! I prefer shelter dogs that have already been housebroken 😆

  2. Great deal on the round trip flight to Hawaii. Sounds ridiculous but I haven’t been on vacay over there yet even though I lived in Bay Area my whole life. But I plan to change that when our kids get older.
    As long as you know you feel confident on taking on another project like the ecofrugals blog, I’m all for it. Here to support you Angela!!
    Good to hear your heel is getting better, hopefully it won’t be long until you can start running again.

    1. I hadn’t been until recently either! Hawaii is surprisingly close and easy from the west coast.

  3. Wait I thought you’re not supposed to have meat on Ash Wednesday!? (Totally kidding 😜) but I love that you were able to discover a new and awesome sight on the way to work. I’m very excited for the warmer weather to get back soon so I can resume using my bike share to cut off a couple metro stops in the mornings when I metro to work! (Which also just so happens to bike me right into the national mall 🤗)

    1. Ha! Well, to tell the truth, it’s actually the first Ash Wednesday I’ve ever been to! Going to a Lutheran church instead of non-denominational has been a bit of a change, but I’m loving that change.

  4. I admire your ambition my friend! I don’t think I’m a cynical person but I feel a slight sense of cynicism about starting a new project which would require lots of work on a weekly basis. I think I’m mostly just in a different season of my life, if that makes sense and after being sooooo committed to sooooo many things for sooooo long, I’m enjoying being non-committal. Though clearly I feel some guilt about it. Cheers to your new project and cheers to a new skyline view of Seattle. The benefits of walking and the cool things you discover and notice while doing so, can’t be overstated!

    1. Well, we are having a lot of help and support with the new site. I definitely wouldn’t be doing it alone!

  5. Congrats on starting Ecofrugals. I have always been interested in adopting frugal ways that are eco-friendly. It’s so important to look after Mother Earth and appreciate what it provides for us, so good on you and Frugasaurus for starting this wonderful blog to encourage others to treasure our environment.

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