Another week down where we haven’t been farther than ten or so miles from our house, and rarely even that far. While in some ways, things are starting to feel more normal (less surreal and more “real”), having that reality sink in isn’t all great. In some ways, it is better, because it means I’m not high alert anxious all throughout the day, and I am sleeping better. Though, I am also seeming to need ten hours a sleep of night, so I’ve swung from too little sleep to too much.

And what all three of us would really like to do is go on an adventure. My father and I were supposed to be getting ready to go to the Berkshire Hathaway meeting in Omaha at the end of next week, and we had made plans with multiple friends for weekend camping trips. Clearly, none of those things are happening, at that reality of not going anywhere for the immediate future is really clear. We go out for a weekend trip every month or two at the very least, which very clearly isn’t happening now.

While not getting to go on adventures is not a big thing in the grand scheme of what’s going on right now, it’s still a bummer. We really want to go to Leavenworth, among other places both near and far. And missing out on the small things – and the bigger things – right now is okay, and something I have to keep reminding myself. We may be in a pretty darn good spot compared to may right now, but life is hard all around. And we aren’t competing for who has it worst. And there’s still a lot of good, even now.

At least we have these trails.

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. My mother sent us with a box of toys she’s packaged up from her house, since the kiddo isn’t getting his regular weekday with her right now. She told me to save it until I needed to focus extra, and we opened the box this week. It was full of army guys and other small figurines, and the kiddo loved it.

While those were toys he had played with at her house, it’s been long enough since he’s seen them that they made his day. While it clearly doesn’t even come close to actually getting to spend his days with her, it matters a whole lot that she’s sending what love she can right now. We miss you, Mom.

2. We spend Earth Day this year… not driving. Surprising, I know. And eating leftovers. All in all, it was a pretty unremarkable day this year, which felt a bit off considering it was the fiftieth anniversary this year. Though we definitely as an Earth had lower emissions than normal, so there’s that (though that doesn’t feel good in light of the why emissions are so low right now).

I did, however, hop on with Harlan Landes and recorded a Facebook Live on the Plutus Foundation page. It was a fun chat, and it’s been recorded if you want to listen to it now (and eventually it will be shared off Facebook for those of you who don’t have an account).

3. I did a virtual yoga class with the one neighbor I do see a couple weeks ago, and it reminded me how much I do love practicing yoga. I never seemed to have the time to go to classes, and now that everything is virtual anyway, the hour long session seemed too much to commit to very often, so this past week I decided I would do a twenty minute video every day instead.

While I’d love to do an hour class more often, twenty minutes is much more doable, and for the last six days running, I’ve done exactly that. Because it isn’t that long, I find I can always squeeze it in, and it feels amazing. If you have a favorite (short) yoga video on YouTube or elsewhere, please send it my way! I’m trying to figure out which I like best, and I enjoy the variety.

4. I’ve continued to spend more time out in the garden, and it’s clear that spring is really here now – the asparagus has finally poked through the soil! I’ve also set up a few more small pots and planted some more carrots as well as Swiss chard that was given to me from a neighbor.

Beyond the planting, I’ve been harvesting spring garlic and other bits of produce a few days every week right now. While we aren’t exactly in full swing yet, it’s obvious that the garden is ramping up and becoming a larger part of our daily meals.

Our “barn” cat “protecting” the garden

5. I finally made pho from scratch again this week. I’ve made it plenty of times in the past, but it’s been a while. I used up the last of the soup bones from our local bulk beef purchase, and they make the broth (and the meat added back into the soup.

If you’ve never made your own pho, I loosely use this recipe, and it’s totally fabulous. Not that hard to make, really cheap, but it does take time as the broth cooks most of the day. We sent the meal down to our neighbors, saving them from having to cook that night, just like they had done for us the night before with a different meal. Between them, our roommate, and ordering take out, I’m finding that we only cook dinner a couple times a week right now.

week 8

Exercise Update

The biggest change to my exercise this past week has been my daily yoga practice, which feels awesome. I also ran Friday and Tuesday, and while I wanted to run more often, I’m still trying to take it easy on my heel. I can still tell when I’ve run the previous day, but it’s getting (slowly) better. And then of course, I’ve taken a daily walk as well, sometimes with the dogs and sometimes by myself and an audiobook.

How are things going on your end? 

27 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (COVID-19 Week 8)

  1. Daily yoga with Adriene over here! I’ve never been big on yoga and think of myself as kind of uncoordinated, but her yoga has been relaxing and low-key. It’s a stress-reliever these days.

  2. army men are great when you’re a 5 year old kid. i still act like one sometimes. i’m going to try pho for the 1st time once it becomes uncool. it rained/snowed every single day this week. i’m getting fat as a fair weather/treadmill runner.

  3. I have also re-discovered yoga online. Do Yoga With Me has a searchable directory for time and 20-30 minutes seems to be the magic spot for me right now, too. (Still healing from the ruptured disc in my back so my core can be wonky and less flexibility in my hips/legs than I’m used to).

    1. That would definitely work! Just make sure not to cook with weird spices that wouldn’t match.

  4. I second yoga with Adriene. I have also started using the down dog app (free right now) because you can pick the length of time – as short as 6 minutes – and area of focus (shoulders, hips, back, etc).

  5. Look at that kitty doing a good protect! haha.

    Definitely following for the yoga recs here. I’ve had “yoga” on my to do list for the last…three…weeks. At least. But I also find the idea of an hour challenging. Twenty minutes sounds like a perfect amount of time.

    We’re in an interesting place here in New Brunswick — we’ve gone five days without a case and our government is starting to look at what “recovery” could be like. There seems to be an understanding that we will be in a situation of easing up restrictions and then putting them back in place. Will be interesting to see how the next couple weeks play out…

    1. I always think that it’s best to do new stuff in small doses to get momentum. 20 minutes is an easy place to start. Somehow if something takes less than 30 minutes, it seems like no time at all and you can certainly gain some benefits. I sleep better every time I do yoga.

    2. 5 days without a case! We are still at 200+ a day in Washington. So…. opening is going to be a while.

  6. I also really recommend Yoga with Adrienne, just did a hip opening practice yesterday 😊 and I feel you on the oversleeping, I am having the same issue. I think it is how our bodies cope with constant low-level stress and anxiety.

    1. Yeah, it’s a frustrating coping mechanism, but I suppose it’s better than the earlier weeks of sleeping way too little.

  7. Pho has been on my list for a long time. And this just might be the motivation I need to make it. I’ve always been a bit intimidated. Got Indian food in the plans soon with your naan bread recommendation as well as homemade pizza (again). And if we get frustrated, can I say, Angela said it was easy?!

    1. Do it!! And I think naan & Indian food is on the menu again tomorrow night.

  8. I need to try that pho recipe! I was jealous of your Twitter post about it. 😉

    Here’s my favorite Sadie Nardini 20 minute yoga video (it’s actually like 17 minutes or something).

    Tara at Our Bill Pickle recommended Walk At Home to me earlier this week, and I loved it, so I’m recommending it to you too. Also on YouTube.

    You’re definitely not the only one struggling right now. I agree so many others have it worse and it’s not a competition to see who’s suffering the most. I know I’m quite lucky overall. But we’re certainly all entitled to feel how we feel about this situation. Glad the little guy enjoyed the toys! That was a great win!

    1. I haven’t seen that video yet. Will definitely have to give it a try.

  9. I’ve never actually had Pho, but it’s a dish I want to try one day. I bet it’s amazing made at home. Your garden is looking great! I can’t say that I am much of a fan of yoga, I’ve given it a try several times and I just don’t feel like it’s for me but I’m glad to hear it’s something you can still enjoy.

    1. Not everyone has the same favorites when it comes o exercise. And I would definitely recommend making pho 🙂

  10. Uniquely Kind Yoga is on YouTube and she is just starting her channel so is just building a following. I like her and she has some kid yoga too. I also really like Pilates with The Balanced Life with Robin Long. She has an entire program you can sign up for but I’m really enjoying her YouTube videos on the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge- 8-10 minutes per day- it’s a great pick me up when I’m feeling sluggish (and her stretch and relax days feel so good!). I started as a yoga person but feel really great when doing Pilates- taller and a stronger core- which I think has really helped me as I started running again.

    1. Ooh! I definitely need to look into more kid yoga options for the days the kiddo wants to be involved.

  11. I think you captured what a lot of us are feeling very well in your intro paragraphs. The new normal sinking in, it no longer feeling ‘weird’ to be working from home and not going anywhere…. but then the occasional flash of awareness of how far away from the old normal the new normal is…
    and also yes the sleeping lots! I actually googled this because I figured I wasn’t the only one, and of course, lo and behold, lots of us are doing it and it’s a fairly standard response from the body to constant low level stress and anxiety. So. As you said, it’s not a competition to see who has it worst, and we all can and should be kind to ourselves and to others too.
    As always, nice to see what you are up to.

    1. Thanks Maria! Glad to hear you check in. I enjoy writing these posts for comments like this because it makes me feel more “normal” right now.

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