This marks the 100th week of this roundup, which is so hard to wrap my head around. I’d tossed around the idea for a few months before beginning the series, and I’m so glad I got it off the ground.

At the same time, my Women’s Personal Finance Facebook group is narrowing in on 20,000 members. Really, it’s incredible to think what’s come out of a single post I wrote back in January 2018. I knew it was needed, but the long reaching impacts have been beyond my wildest dreams.

So, since today is Week 100, I wanted to do something special. Instead of sharing three personal finance posts written by women this week, I’m giving a special shoutout to my best (female) friends in the online personal finance space. Above all, this journey for me as been about community, so here are those closest to me – check them out. They’re all totally amazing, incredible women. (Sharing alphabetically, blogs and their preferred social media mediums, since not all are very active on their blogs these days / are no longer (were never) bloggers):

A Purple Life Twitter Instagram

Budget Epicurean Instagram

Chief Mom Officer Twitter Instagram

Ecofrugals (Frugasaurus) Twitter Instagram

Fetching Financial Freedom Twitter Instagram

Emilie Cleaver (Wise Mind Money) Twitter Instagram

Kassandra Dassent Twitter Instagram

Fiery Millennials Twitter Instagram

His and Her FI Twitter Instagram

Jen Mah Instagram

Kristy Hymans Twitter Instagram

Liz in SD Twitter Guest Posts

Millennial Boss Twitter Instagram

Military Dollar Twitter

Modern FImily Instagram

Moriah Chase Twitter

One Frugal Girl Twitter

Poorer Than You Twitter Instagram

Reaching For FI Twitter Instagram

Revanche (A Gai Shan Life) Twitter

She Picks Up Pennies Twitter Instagram

(Simplistic) Steph Twitter

Smile and Conquer Twitter Instagram

That Frugal Pharmacist Twitter

The 76K Project Twitter

The Fioneers Twitter Instagram

Josh Overmyer Twitter Instagram *not a womxn, but an honorary member of the club and one of the very best souls you will ever meet

The list of incredible women I interact with regularly is much longer than this, but these I consider real, true friends that I will know even if I give up this whole online presence thing. I am so terribly lucky to have them in my life. And the idea that there “aren’t any women in personal finance” is now officially dead.

If you’re new to this community, or a complete lurker (like I was for seven years), I would highly encourage you to reach out and make connections with those you read and follow. The high caliber of people you will meet and know will blow you away. It’s no surprise to me that many of my closest friends are ones I’ve met online – and that I’m lucky to have so many close friends in my thirties. Love to you all.

❤️ Angela

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    1. They do! I tagged their blogs on their names if they have one (most do, though level of activity varies).

  1. Congratulations! What a milestone to achieve 🙂 Thank you for all your tireless efforts to promote and stand up for women, for creating a strong and inclusive community!

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