Well, it’s happened. Week 52. The final week of the first year since COVID-19 descended on my city. Since and before then, it’s spread all over the world, and the United States alone has seen over half a million people die.

I tend to be nice about most things, but if you refuse to wear a mask / continue to go on about how Covid isn’t a big deal, you can go fuck right off.

Life isn’t anywhere near normal, and so many people are still going to get sick (and too many of them will die), but thank God for vaccinations, because it feels like we’re finally seeing the beginning of the end.

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. Speaking of optimistic things, WE GOT TO HUG MY PARENTS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR on Thursday. They’re two weeks past their second COVID vaccine shot, but we aren’t vaccinated yet (and who knows with all the variants etc), so we turned heads and kept masks on, but we got hugs.

The vaccine itself was free, but I can’t think of a single thing more precious to me in this past year. My grandmother got her second dose as well, and we’ll be hugging her this weekend. It feels so surreal, but getting hugs after a year feels like a weight has been lifted. We aren’t out of this, but God do I hope that we’re on our way out.

Nana hugs for the first time in a year.

2. That said, I’ve definitely ticked over the 100 mark of people I’ve helped get vaccine appointments. The time I spend doing that work is free, but it’s cost me a lot of time over these past few weeks. When I talk about my giving percent every month, I don’t calculate my hours, just dollars, but lately it feels like my hours well outpace any dollars I could give. For there’s no money I could donate that would give the gift of vaccination.

Ps – I made my television network video debut on CBC Canada talking about this – specifically about the inequity involved in the vaccine roll out and why it’s so important we work to balance things the best we can.

3. When I got the call about CBC wanting to film me (more than just sending them photos), I wanted to make sure I dressed nice. Not that it *really* matters, but it felt good to look nice if I was going to be on film.

Thanks to a friend’s recent hand me downs, I wore a new (to me) pair of stretchy navy blue work pants plus a sweater and a green jacket, along with an older pair of boots I received as a gift a year or so ago. None of it was new to me, but I felt really good in them. I may be about to hit four years without buying any clothing for myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have nice things to dress up in when I have a reason to do so.

4. I recently created (yes another) Facebook group, this time for my local community. We have one for the give or take four streets around us, but this one is for the larger community of our whole hill (total population of perhaps a few thousand).

One of my goals in 2021 is to really get to know my hyper local community. This feels especially important as we (especially my husband) have lost so many local friends go out of state moves in the last couple of years. We live in a wonderful area with wonderful people, and I’m loving to get to know more of them better, even if only virtually for now. The more friends within walking distance, the better.

5. I finally finished the base of the chicken coop! Next step will be to pour concrete, and then it will almost be time to build the structure itself! It’s been super slow going between time spent out hiking on the weekends / bad weather, but it felt so good to complete the first part.

In theory, my goal has been to have the coop finished by spring when chicks arrive back in stores, but it might be more like late spring at this rate. Still, forward progress!

Exercise Update

Friday was again the only run of the week thanks to hiking and busyness. Saturday we hiked Little Mountain in Mount Vernon, and again, the weather held out for us. Sunday was a local walk, and then a couple hours working on the chicken coop (for which I was then sore for two days).

Wednesday was two long walks, and Thursday was a quieter day mostly spent indoors.

Can you believe it’s been a year?

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (COVID-19 Week 52)

  1. Wow you are giving so much of yourself to others and is inspiring to read here and all your discussions on twitter. Thanks for all you do but make sure to look after yourself as well is my only input. Kudos to the coverage on CBC, cool that people are noticing your efforts. Hopefully it makes a difference.

    1. We did just take four days off to go out to the coast and be mostly offline. It was lovely.

  2. So thrilled about those family hugs! We are excited that my parents received their first vaccine dose last week. They’re too far away to visit until at least April, which gives plenty of time to feel good about them having their second dose before we see them. It’s a little weird for us not to be working in public schools right now. If we were, we’d probably have been vaccinated by this point, but on the bright side, we are able to stay home and isolated for awhile yet. We are looking forward to (we hope) sending the kids back to in-person school by fall!

    But boy, that one-year milestone feels surreal. I remember reading your updates and since Seattle area was a bit ahead of the rest of the country, it was just like seeing a preview of what would soon hit all of us. People thought we were crazy for avoiding a family funeral in early March because of the virus. Thank goodness we have somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel, if people follow recommendations.

    1. “If people follow recommendations” …., I’m hopeful, but also this.

      So excited for your hugs in April!!

    1. I have a few times – I think the last was two frugal fives ago?? I definitely will as it gets further along!

  3. “But if you refuse to wear a mask / continue to go on about how Covid isn’t a big deal, you can go fuck right off.”

    Well said. We’ve made it a year already hopefully people can just hold out and do the right things for a little bit longer. It’s been sad that there are people in this country that won’t do the right things to support others. Instead all they can think about is themselves and their inconvenience or discomfort. We are fully vaccinated but will still be masking up and socially distancing for a long time to come. It’s the least we can do.

    1. So glad you’re fully vaccinated!! But yes. I’m over being nice about it now.

  4. Hi Angela, I live in Seattle and I’m interested in getting involved with helping people get vaccinated. I’m very computer savvy and have flexible time working from home. Do you volunteer through the Facebook group mentioned in the Seattle Times article? I joined the group but can’t figure out how to become a volunteer – not sure what I’m missing. Maybe they’re not accepting volunteers right now?

    1. Theres an auto reply if you message the admin team for a form to fill out if you want to be an official volunteer. Of course, you’re always just welcome to be active in the group and posts spots as they appear in applicable threads too!

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