Ahem. As is probably clear by the title of this post, I GOT MY SECOND COVID SHOT on Wednesday afternoon. At 3:51pm, because Rite Aid picks odd times for appointments, because why not, I suppose?

I am verrrrry tired (napped at 10:30am today – Thursday), so I almost didn’t write this week’s post. But like previous weeks, I want to document this weird time of life, so here I am again. But it’s going to be short.

Number ✌️!

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. I totally forgot to bring my insurance card with me when I went to get my vaccine, but as the shot is free, it didn’t matter (though they will likely follow up with me to get the administrative fee they can charge to insurance companies). Unlike just about everything in this country, the COVID vaccines are FREE – regardless of insurance or citizenship status. Can you even imagine that?

2. My husband and my roommate jointly made dinner Wednesday night, so I could just be home and zoning out tired for the evening. We did buy dinner from a local restaurant Thursday night, but thanks to sharing dinner duties, we only order take out so much because we want to be supporting our local businesses, not just because we’re too tired to cook.

I love asparagus season.

3. A local friend and I have started to work out together, and it’s been awesome. She lives a little over a mile away, and living near each other makes it so much easier to make it happen. That, and she has two little boys who love playing with my kiddo, so we don’t have to squeeze in kid-free time to get our workouts in.

While I absolutely miss my gym time, free weights and body weight workouts are working well lately, especially when I have someone to do the workouts with me. Perhaps someday I’ll get to the point of ditching the $17/month gym membership, but so far, I just keep paying it (and not using it til COVID goes away…)

4. We had “fancy” ramen again this week, with grilled meats (husband’s regular Trager skills) with spring garlic, green onion, and broccoli leaves from the garden. Now we just need to get chickens so that the egg boiled in the ramen is local as well. It’s been a long winter of just having greens and herbs out of the garden, but peas and onions and carrots are now poking through the soil, with lots of others not far behind.

No food waste because we just pick what we’re about to use

5. Regina and I have been coordinating our content calendar for Women’s Personal Finance, as we are committed to paying for at least one article every month (written by a woman, of course). We have so many wonderful women excited to write for our site, and I am so excited to have them. And like I said on Twitter, paying women is my love language.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the first four blog posts are up now, with another in the pipeline this month.

Exercise Update

I have no photos on my phone from Friday, so I honestly can’t remember if I did any exercise that day. Saturday was a walk down to breweries, which is three plus miles one way. Sunday and Monday were short (twenty minute) runs by myself.

Tuesday was the run and lift with my friend, and the husband joined us for part of the lifting workout, as did the kiddos. Wednesday I went for an hour walk after my shot with lots of arm movement to try and help the process…except my brain was fuzzy and I kept moving around my left arm. I got the shot in my right. Thursday, after my mid-morning nap, was a walk through the Arboretum with the kiddo and mother in law.

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (Second Dose Edition)

  1. Oh Angela, I’m so happy to hear you got your 2nd shot! I’m happy every time I hear of anyone getting a covid vaccine! I’m in the 30 to 40 year olds group here in the UK so I will be waiting a little while yet (a couple of months ?).

    Ok, to your point 1 ‘the covid vaccines are free – regardless of insurance or citizenship status. can you even imagine that?’ Oh how funny the world is. I couldn’t imagine it *not* being free in the UK, although the flip side is, you get when you get it, and not before. (and i don’t know if there are any citizenship limitations, though I really hope not).

    Otherwise, yay for workouts with friends ( so much more fun than alone, like walks), and for tasty takeout and home grown veggies. Sounds like a great week all round.

    1. Fingers crossed you get yours soonish!! Seriously thankful with how fast the rollout has been here, regardless of its messiness.

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