Today is Regina’s birthday! Happy happy birthday to one of my very favorite people on the planet. We have maybe only met each other in person four times, but that doesn’t matter. Something I’ve learned over my five years of blogging is that it doesn’t take in person time to grow some really wonderful friendships.

So happy birthday, friend. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you. No one better to be my partner – in business and in life.

PS. Yes, I’m “still” counting by COVID weeks. Because the pandemic isn’t over yet, no matter how much gaslighting gets thrown at us.

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. While I canceled my gym membership a while back, and I still do miss it, there are alternatives for my workouts. I was back at the Crestwood Stairs over the weekend to do another 10 rounds of the ~220 step staircase. It was still really hard, but easier than the last time I’d done it.

I enjoy the outdoor workouts, but I find that I do miss the gym itself. I’m glad there’s a small one at work that I might be comfortable using again soon, but I don’t see myself with a gym membership again because the one closest to me closed through COVID. If I have to drive to get to the gym, it seems to defeat the purpose. So maybe it’s time to shuffle that monthly cost into a separate account to buy myself an elliptical?

2. Our neighbors brought home a beardied dragon a while back, and I got to meet him for the first time this past week. For those of you who don’t know, we used to have a three legged beardie named Lucky, and she was the absolute best. After she died, we put away the tank, but we’ve still kept it for “someday.”

I suppose mentioning here is to commit that now is not the time for another pet? They really though are the best reptiles out there. So for now I’ll just have to go visit their guy (and bring garden greens to him for a snack).

Isn’t he the cutest?!

3. The weather was absolutely wonderful on Wednesday, so I helped my parents plant some of their spring garden. We also pulled the last of their overwintered carrots as well as spring sprouting broccoli and some giant green onions.

Being outdoors in the sunshine with my hands in the dirt is one of my favorite things. Once we were packing up for the afternoon, I told my dad thank you. And then I was like – wait – thank you?? *I* was helping you with your garden! But my feeling was certainly one of gratitude.

Dirty hands, happy heart

4. I make Irish soda bread and corned beef and cabbage every St. Patrick’s Day, and it was as delicious as every year. I wonder if I’d want to make it more often, but it’s more special when it’s made so infrequently.

We did dodge any leprechaun traps though, which I’m plenty happy with. A neighbor kiddo brought home the idea after they made them at school, and I wasn’t thrilled when our kiddo wanted to make one. We had a great day doing other things though, and I’m more than happy to not create an Elf on the Shelf type add to St Patrick’s Day (we clearly don’t do Elf on the Shelf either since we skip Santa too).

5. Rolling the cans out to the street, I realized that our garbage can was pretty much empty yet again. I flipped open the lid and there was literally just a bag of dog poop and an empty bag of chicken treats.

We did have a partially full kitchen garbage bag to take out, but even that wasn’t full. We may not be anywhere near zero waste, but I am proud of how little trash we create on a regular basis. Maybe it’s time again to convince my husband we can go to every other week pickup (slightly cheaper, and the smallest trash pickup option we have).

Exercise Update

Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all days where I walked at least two hours each. Sunday was a short walk, the abovementioned stair walking and then gardening in my own yard.

Monday, even though I was a bit sore, was an anxiety run. Wednesday was the afternoon spent in my parents’ large garden.

How are you all holding up? Ready for spring?

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (COVID-19 Week 107)

  1. I want an elliptical machine, but our new house doesn’t have the space for it. Not a good space at least. I returned to the gym and if I go at 7 am there is no one else around. It’s just me and the machines! I’m happy you can climb the steps outside. It’s great to find ways to exercise and feel the fresh air at the same time!

  2. Thank you so much for celebrating StPatricks day authentically and shunning the dodgy cultural misappropriation that seems rife in the US. The whole overseas obsession with leprechauns is very hard to take for anyone who grew up in Ireland! I love your site and should say it more often but well done for this and your work on wpf.

  3. Happy birthday to Regina! It’s awesome that you found such a soulmate friend.
    I also spent lots of time in the garden this week, also pulling out beautiful, overwintered carrots, and lettuce, and planting a storm of lettuce, green beans, etc. The best time of the year for me. My hands looked like yours, and they also felt very dry this morning. I still have this weekend to work on the garden, before I go back to work on Monday. The chickens are happily laying, and they have been allowed to roam the yard every time we were outside with them.
    I do have a treadmill but don’t use it much due to lack of time and the fact that I am plenty active in the garden. We’ve had gorgeous weather.

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