Around here, “June Gloom” is a phrase we’re all used to – wet and gray weather through the 4th of July when summer officially starts in the Pacific Northwest.

Usually, though, June Gloom feels acute because we’ve had some nice days in April and May (along with plenty of rain). This year, however, we basically have had March weather for the last three months. through the end of May, we had five hours of seventy degree weather in 2022. Hours, not days. So June’s wet and soggy start absolutely has not been appreciated.

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. On the upside, I’ve had no need to water the garden yet this year. When so much of the western United States is in pretty severe drought, it is a bit odd to be complaining about having too much water.

Last year I remember thinking how strange it was to need to water in April. Now I’m wondering if I’ll need to water before July. Climate change. It means unpredictable weather patterns, indeed.

2. My husband finished up building me a mini greenhouse that was his and the kiddo’s birthday/Christmas present for me. It was definitely slower going with 7 year kid, but I love that they came up with such a perfect gift for me. Especially this cold and wet year – I have hope for tomatoes and peppers again.

The greenhouse was built over one of my existing 4′ x 8′ raised beds, so it was ready to be planted as soon as the construction was complete. I planted some identical pepper and tomato plants both inside the new greenhouse and in an exposed planter bed right next to it. It will be interesting to compare how they do this summer. I’m pretty hopeful for the greenhouse ones, especially as Regina shares photos of cucumbers they’re already harvesting on the Oregon coast thanks to their greenhouse.

Isn’t it lovely??

3. June 1st marked eleven years in our house. Oh, how the housing market has changed since we bought our home and we got comments about our “nice little starter house” outside of town. Now, the entire purchase price of our home is what would now just be a 20% downpayment.

The housing market is broken here. And, from what I’ve heard from others around the country, elsewhere isn’t much better. I won’t rant here today, but don’t tell me congratulations on the increase of our housing equity. People don’t have homes, rental or ownership. We need really, really big change, and we need a lot more homes. Period.

Homeschool time out in our front yard

4. With the construction of the greenhouse, I’ve been more focused on pulling the leeks that overwintered in the bed to make room for new pepper and tomato plants.

Thursday night I made a dish of leeks, spring garlic, asparagus and kale out of the garden for the second time in a week. We paired the dish with some homemade currywurst that we pulled out of the freezer that my husband had made earlier this year. He bought a grinder last year and has gotten really good at sausagemaking.

Dinner of garden vegetables and homemade sausage is my favorite kind of meal – almost all homemade and homegrown. We may only have a quarter acre, but we urban homestead the best we can here.

Tasty dinner

5. The kiddo and I went to homeschool chess club again on Thursday. This time he was a much better sport when he lost games, and he had a lot of fun. The kiddos ended the time running around and playing at the playground, enjoying the sunshine before the rain came back.

The kiddo has been really enjoying being homeschooled the last couple of years, and I feel like we’re starting to hit our stride on that front. He keeps asking to continue in the fall versus going to public school, and I can’t say I don’t have some similar feelings.

PS – I was on The Financial Diet’s podcast this week – you can find it on YouTube or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

PPS – we launched our summer WPF Insiders Cohort this week – we sold out again within 24 hours! I am so damn proud of what Regina and I have built. WPF, and Insiders especially, is a really special place on the internet.

Exercise Update

Saturday was a 45 minute run (in the rain, of course). Sunday we walked down to the lake and back – the way down and twenty minutes home were dry, but the last forty five was a downpour. Still, it was a mostly lovely hike and worth even the soggy clothes at the end.

Wednesday was stair running for the first time in a while, and my calves are sure sore today. Thursday we took advantage for a walk between rain showers, though it was definitely warm and muggy.

How are you hanging in these days? Times are tough, but there is some good in the world too. Hanging on to that right now.

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