Well, we’ve escaped the smoky skies and extra terrible wildfires up here in the PNW for most of this summer, but the smoke is headed on in this weekend. Fingers and toes crossed that things can stay in check for the next month or so, because it is dry out there.

In comparison to a lot of places, though, we’ve had a reasonably good weather summer (even if we’re setting a new record of 90+ degree days, it’s still better than the heat dome of last year).

Extreme weather is here to stay as we continue to see more climate chaos. Every degree of temperature rise matters, though, so we need to get serious about treating climate change with the respect it needs. If not, things are going to get a whole lot worse. (Cheery Friday conversation, don’t you think?)

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. To celebrate the end of summer, the kiddo and I went to see Hamilton over the weekend! He and I listen to the soundtrack regularly and he knows a lot of the words. It was definitely special to have him go with me, and now he wants to make a tradition of a musical before school starts each year.

We went to Happy Hour sushi before the show, but it was a fancy restaurant, so still not a cheap meal. I blame the husband for the kiddo’s love of sushi (one of his very first solid foods was getting to gnaw on a prawn). It was a really fun Seattle outing day and definitely one I’d like to repeat in the future.


2. I originally drove into the parking lot across from the Paramount, but when I went to pay, the kiosk said that it would be forty dollars for the evening as “event pricing.” I decided that was far too much money, even to be parked right across the street.

I drove around the block and found another parking garage a five minute walk away for just eight dollars. Absolutely worth the short walk to save $32, even when the show got out past 10pm and the kiddo was ready to fall asleep. I’d considered doing the light rail option, but with a seven year old, the ability to fall asleep in the car won out. He fell asleep within just a few minutes, so I absolutely felt like I made the right choice.

3. A former park ranger friend of mine was in town over the weekend, and she came over for dinner one night. I made homemade pizza for the first time in a while, remembering to start the dough first thing in the morning. Pro tip: if you’re making homemade pizza dough, give it lots of time to rise. It is so much better that way.

We topped the pizzas with homemade pizza sauce and tomatoes and potatoes from the garden. Such a cheap, easy meal – just one that has to be prepped in advance. The toppings change depending on what’s ready in the garden that time of year. We totally forgot to crack a homegrown egg on top, which absolutely makes it.

Topped with my favorite Cherokee Purple tomatoes

4. We’ve had a couple of impromptu neighborhood gatherings this week, where the kiddos bike around and the adults hang out and chat. We even had someone drive by and ask if we were having a block party, but no, this is just what happens on nice days when you know your neighbors.

We are talking about a neighborhood Octoberfest this year, which would be a first for us. A first of many, hopefully? I love where we live best when we’re out and interacting with the people who live nearby. We’re lucky to have such good neighbors, even if some have since moved away.

5. The kiddo had his first days of school this week! He’s already made a new “best friend” and they are absolutely adorable together. She is also one of the few other kids masking inside at school, which makes me very happy.

So far, the kiddo has been very happy to mask up (he doesn’t want COVID – or long COVID – his words), but having a few others do the same really helps. Early experience in saying no to peer pressure, I suppose?

Having him in class five days a week is a big change from the last few years (really, most of his life). I am still keeping my one weekday off (day job) work, so I should have more time for WPF, which I am very much looking forward to. Maybe even time to write more than a Frugal Five here from time to time as well?

Day 1!

Exercise Update

Friday and Tuesday were bike rides to work, maybe the last for a little while as we figure out pick up and drop off for school (though we did carpool with the husband on Wednesday morning and then the kiddo and I bussed back home).

This was a great week for running, and I went out Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My heel is maybe giving me a little trouble though, so I definitely have to be careful and stretch and massage it so I don’t give myself a full blown plantar fasciitis flair up. I love running so much though, and it’s been so good to run more lately.

Have you ever seen Hamilton live? A fan of musical theater in general?

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