After all of my/our collective whining about how it’s been too hot/dry/smoky in the PNW this fall, we’ve skipped right over to winter this week. So much rain – but clear air! I think perhaps this is the first year where I haven’t heard anyone complain about the rain yet.

(It’s still early though – not quite November – we’ll get tired of the rain eventually)

Friday’s Frugal Five

1. Thanks to the clear air – and a dry morning – we went for a walk through the woods together on Saturday morning. The woods and trails were a large part of why we bought our house, and that is even more true over a decade later.

The water level had been so low, so it was shocking to see how much that changed after just a few days of rain. The ground has been so dry, so the paths were still pretty clear for a hike. The best, free part of living where we do is definitely the trails. We’re so lucky to have them in our backyard.

2. We ran into one of my husband’s old high school friends at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, so we went over to his house over the weekend. Our old roommates (now married and living a bit north of us) came with their kiddos as well, and the four boys had a blast together.

We had a low key meal together and a bonfire in their backyard while the boys ran around and played with Legos. A good time doesn’t have to cost money, and that was one of those nights for sure.

3. This week was overly busy though, between work meetings and multiple doctor’s appointments (regular check up and one with the ENT about my hearing), plus getting the kiddo’s bivalent booster (!). All good/important things, but it meant that I wasn’t able to bike the kiddo to school. I’ve gotten used to that commute, and I get grouchy when I have to drive now.

I *did* get to bike to my appointment on Monday as well as my Planning Commission meeting Thursday night, so it wasn’t a bike free week, but definitely too car heavy. Hopefully back to normal soon, even with the soggy weather.


4. I hit 200 days of practicing Italian on Duolingo! Which also means it’s been 200 days since we said arrivederci to our friends in Italy. While I have a long way to go, the language is definitely getting easier, and I’m starting to use it a tiny bit in text conversations at least.

The kiddo has been using more Spanish at home since school started too, and I’m finding myself using it more in response. I’m still a long way from the “used to be mostly fluent” place, but it’s coming more easily. Languages are fun.

5. Jessica from The Fioneers put together another SlowFI meetup this week, this time specifically focused on part time work. She invited me to come chat along with GovWorkerFI and The Retired Millennial, and we had a great time.

I have so much to say about part time / less than full time work. If you ever have questions – let me know. There are so many different ways to work less than full time, and so many more people doing it than you’d ever guess. But after cutting my hours over six years ago, I’m never going back to 40+ hours a week at any one thing. I have too much going on to commit all my life to one place.

Exercise Update

Biking was light this week, just Friday, Monday, and Thursday (the last two sans kid and trailer). Saturday was our hike through the woods.

Monday and Wednesday were both running days, which felt so good after having to mostly take off the last couple of months due to smoke. I was able to run a little on better-ish air quality days, but I sure could tell the difference when the air was truly clear. I’ll take rain over smoke any day.

What does the weather look like near you this week? Normal, or still abnormal?

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (COVID-19 Week 139)

  1. From here it’s low 50s upon arising, warming to maybe 69. Practically sunbathing weather in Seattle ( actually Edmonds)! I had to move away from my very beloved roaming grounds of the Puget Sound area awhile ago, for health reasons. Reading the words in this blog always brings me back home. Put on the coffee beans to grind, turn on music and enjoy a few minutes there. Nothing in my life will ever beat the joy of the fresh brisk coast winds, the sound of the foghorns at night, a low muffled train whistle now and again, the cozy warmth of the fire while reading.

    1. Basically…. Rain jacket and rain pants. And folks bike here in the rain regularly (or we’d not get to bike a lot of the year)

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