Merry Christmas, all. I hope you’ve had a lovely, restful holiday season. We kept it low key, which is the way I prefer it these days. A couple meals with family spread over a few days, and quite a bit of time just the three of us.

Years past I preferred bigger, busier holidays, but now I’m more content just spending down time instead. Christmas Eve lunch with the in-laws, Christmas Eve church service (kiddo got to light one of the Advent candles), and then Christmas dinner with my family.

Other than that, we’re taking time mostly offline, cooking and baking a lot, going outside when there isn’t snow/freezing rain/etc outside, and spending time together at home. Whatever is your favorite way to spend the holidays, I hope it has been that for you. And if not, at least we’re over the hump and now just in the normal short days of winter.

Thanks for following along with me all these years. I appreciate you. It’s my readers and my online community that makes all of this worthwhile.

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