I love reading other financial blogs, and like most everyone else here, I initially stumbled upon the idea of financial independence through a couple of those blogs. I think the online space is just incredible for motivation and finding a community of like minded individuals who cheer when you write about running to work on dark rainy mornings or line drying our laundry in order to tread lightly on the planet and to reach big financial goals.

A few months ago though, I was reading through a list of personal finance bloggers and there was literally one female listed. When someone asked in the comments below, this blogger said he didn’t know any others, which is absolutely crazy, because there are so many fantastic women in this space.

There is also a huge list of male financial bloggers, especially, male (software) engineers, starting with the original Mr Money Mustache. I think part of the reason stereotype of the white male tech FIRE blogger persists so strongly is because that is who first kicked off the movement in a big way, but it’s also more than that. When it comes to finance in general, that’s the default expectation across the board (except for maybe the specific career choice).

I am most definitely not a male engineer, but who knows about what the kid will grow up to be

But not everyone who is interested in finance independence (and early retirement) are men with huge salaries, and I think it is so important to read different perspectives than fit in that narrow box.

Millennial Boss has a great list of FIRE bloggers who are not  male engineers, which is awesome for those of us who don’t make the big bucks and can’t possibly save 90% of our incomes. If you haven’t read this list, I would highly recommend checking out everyone on that list.

However, I’ve yet to see a specific list for the women, so I’ve decided to put one together here. I lived in a very progressive sorority at my liberal arts college as well as playing on the varsity softball team, and I know firsthand the power of a supportive and encouraging group of women. The female personal finance community feels very similar in this regard. The women here celebrate each other’s successes and empathize with the heartbreaks. I can only hope to meet many of them in real life some day.

Ps – this shouldn’t be surprising as women are overwhelmingly beginning to handle their family’s finances. The notion that men handle the money and women are just there to blow it is one that needs to finally die. These women are part of the movement that should finally change that archaic perspective.

I have plenty more to say on this topic – and maybe one day I will – but for now, go check out some of the content that has been produced by these awesome women.

And then go and read this follow up by Erin at Reaching For FI for a behind the scenes look at what it took to create this list, as well as the amazing and disappointing things that have come out as a result.

Finance Blogs Written By Women

**I have been absolutely blown away from the response to this post and have taken some time to update the list to make it easier to find the kind of content you’re specifically interested in. With the incredible help of Erin from Reaching For FI, we have split the categories into:

  1. FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)
  2. FIOR (Financial Independence, Optional Retirement – term coined by the wonderful Mad Money Monster)
  3. Debt Repayment
  4. General Finance
  5. Podcasts
  6. Books*

*I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

DINK – Dual Income / No Kids

SINK – Single Income / No Kids

DIK – Dual Income / Kid(s)

SIK – Single Income / Kid(s)

The idea of the male financial blogger is so ingrained even in me that I had honestly expected this list to top out at around 30 – it has now morphed into over 100.  It goes to show how deep that bias is, even when you think you are aware of it. (This list will be updated regularly as I learn about new and amazing women who are writing and speaking in the personal finance arena online)


  1. A Purple Life
  2. Fetching Financial Freedom
  3. Financial Mechanic
  4. Frugasaurus
  5. Kiwi And Keweenaw
  6. Millennial Boss
  7. Ms Liz Money Matters
  8. My Next Money Move
  9. My Smart Money Blog
  10. Our Next Life
  11. Partners In FIRE
  12. The Frugal Gene
  13. The Saverdinks


  1. Amanda Page
  2. BG On FIRE
  3. Big Small Choices
  4. Birds of a FIRE
  5. Fiery Millennials
  6. Financial Mechanic
  7. Military Dollar
  8. Miss Mazuma
  9. Ms. Fiology
  10. My Early Retirement Journey
  11. Queer With Money
  12. Reaching For FI
  13. Well And Wealthy


  1. A Gai Shan Life
  2. Bayalis Is The Answer
  3. Countdown To Tranquility
  4. Ditching Your Desk
  5. Dr Jenn MD
  6. FI365
  7. FIREd Up About Finance
  8. Frugal Asian Finance
  9. Frugalwoods
  10. Girl FI Day
  11. Greener Pastures Blog
  12. Life Zemplified
  13. Modest Millionaires
  14. Mongrel on Fire
  15. Northern Expenditure
  16. Peace Out And In
  17. The Money Habit
  18. TuppennysFIREplace


  1. Burning Desire For FIRE
  2. Dash2Retire
  3. FI And Wine
  4. Little Miss Fire
  5. Love To Frugal
  6. FIREthe9to5


  1. Budget Epicurean
  2. Free To Pursue
  3. Low Impact Life
  4. Whymances Of Finances


  1. Auditing Myself
  2. Champagne & Capital Gains
  3. Full-Time Dollars
  4. Precious New Start
  5. Saving With Sense
  6. The Luxe Strategist


  1. Downsize Your 2080
  2. Femme Cents
  3. Mad Money Monster
  4. Mama Fur Fur
  5. Money For The Modern Girl
  6. One Frugal Girl
  7. Poorer Than You
  8. Reluctant Frugalist
  9. The Leveraged Mama
  10. The Three Year Experiment
  11. Tread Lightly Retire Early


  1. Money Scrap
  2. On Our Way World
  3. That Frugal Pharmacist
  4. Why We Money

Debt Repayment – DINK

  1. Goodnight Debt
  2. Notorious D.E.B.T.
  3. Wise Mind Money

Debt Repayment – SINK

  1. Dear Debt
  2. Debts To Riches
  3. Making It Rain
  4. Woman Vs Loans
  5. ZJ Thorne

Debt Repayment – DIK

  1. Debt Free Forties
  2. Dollar Smart Scholar
  3. My Debt Epiphany
  4. Sharon Raj Singh
  5. The 76k Project

Debt Repayment – SIK

  1. The Lady In The Black

General Finance – DINK

  1. Baby Boomer Super Saver
  2. Bitches Get Riches
  3. Broke Millennial
  4. Elementum Money
  5. Enriched Couples
  6. Every Day by the Lake
  7. Farmhouse Finance
  8. Feminist Financier
  9. Fin$avvy Panda
  10. Funding Cloud Nine
  11. Half Banked
  12. Little Green Revelation
  13. Making Sense Of Cents
  14. MissFunctional Money
  15. Mixed Up Money
  16. My Fab Finance
  17. My Sense With Cents
  18. NZ Muse
  19. Savvy Financial Latina
  20. Simplistic Steph
  21. Smile & Conquer
  22. Sunburnt Saver
  23. Tenacious Feminist
  24. The Budgeting Wife
  25. The Wild Wong
  26. This Financial Wife
  27. Xennial Blogger

General Finance – SINK

  1. Bravely
  2. Broke Girl Rehab
  3. Budget And The Beach
  4. Cash Fasting
  5. Debt Free Black Girl
  6. Dumpster Dog Blog
  7. Frugalish Physician
  8. Frugally Reckless
  9. Good Life. Better.
  10. Goodbye To Broke
  11. Happy to Hustle
  12. Jennifer T Chan
  13. Make Real Cents
  14. Michelle Is Money Hungry
  15. Millionaire On The Prairie
  16. Mint Notion
  17. Money The Wright Way
  18. My Twenty Cents
  19. Oh My Dollar
  20. Open Mouths Get Fed
  21. The Give And Get
  22. The Land Of Milk And Money
  23. The Wallet Moth
  24. Victori Media
  25. When The Money’s Good
  26. Working Moms World

General Finance – DIK

  1. BrokeMom
  2. Budget Like A Lady
  3. CashflowKat
  4. Debbie Sassen
  5. Femme Frugality
  6. Frugal Overload
  7. Genymoney.ca
  8. Her Money Moves
  9. How We Do Money
  10. Kids Money Habits
  11. Make Smarter Decisions
  12. Money Tree Academy
  13. Montana Money Adventures
  14. She Picks Up Pennies
  15. Simple Organized Lifestyle
  16. The Frugal Convert

General Finance – SIK

  1. Cash Crone
  2. Chief Mom Officer
  3. I Heart Frugal
  4. Live Chic And Well
  5. Making Your Money Matter
  6. Mama Fish Saves
  7. Money After Graduation
  8. Mrs Savvy Saver
  9. My Favorite Lists
  10. One Frugal Girl
  11. Oscoey
  12. Red Berry Deals
  13. Savvy Family Finance
  14. The Busy Budgeter


  1. Accio Debt Freedom
  2. Afford Anything
  3. Be Wealthy & Smart
  4. Clever Girl Finance
  5. FIRE Drill Podcast
  6. HerMoney
  7. Honest Money Conversations
  8. House of FI
  9. Journey To Launch
  10. Millennial Money
  11. Mo’ Money Podcast
  12. So Money
  13. The Fairer Cents
  14. The Money Nerds


  1. Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry
  2. End Financial Stress Now by Emily Guy Birken
  3. How to Be a Financial Grownup by Bobbi Rebell
  4. Kids Money Habits by Amy Koit
  5. Meet The Frugalwoods by Elizabeth Willard Thames
  6. Shoo, Jimmy Choo! by Catey Hill
  7. Smart Mom, Rich Mom by Kimberly Palmer
  8. The Broke and Beautiful Life by Stefanie O’Connell
  9. The Feminist Financial Handbook by Brynne Conroy
  10. The Money Queen’s Guide by Cary Carbonado
  11. The Year of Less by Cait Flanders
  12. Work Optional by Tanja Hester (pre-order only, release date 3/26/2019)
  13. Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin
  14. Your Playbook For Tough Times by Donna Freedman

Interested in continuing the discussion? Join the Women’s Personal Finance (Women On FIRE) Facebook group. 

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