While I didn’t list any of these Friday round up type posts in my list of favorites in my post on my first six months of blogging, but I really do enjoy writing them. I hope they are fun and quick reads for you as well and that you like them as much as I do.

I had originally started with the first of the Friday’s Frugal Five  when I was trying to stick to writing two posts a week and was at a loss for what to write about that day. It’s funny to think back to how hard it was for me to write some days, because now that I’ve been at this a little longer, I have an endless list of draft ideas. If you’re just starting out, keep with it. It really does come so much easier as you go on (at least that’s been my experience). 

Nevertheless, I still plan to continue writing these every Friday because I enjoy doing it. Like I’ve said before, listing out things we’ve done during the week that help us reach our big goals – even when they are seemingly tiny things – really help keep me energized and focused on the big picture. It is always so easy to fine where you screwed up or where you could have done better, but I think it is really important for happiness and a positive mindset to really look back and celebrate your successes.

Friday’s Frugal Five 

1. I had FIVE no spend days in a row this week, which is a new record. I’ll need to get gas today and oil change soon, but I am really proud of this five day streak. Even a couple months ago, two no spend days in a row were a really big deal, so I’m really happy to see how much my habits are changing through this process.

2. Again, I did not buy lunch any day this week. The streak continues from the very first time I wrote one of these Friday posts (back in October). Whoa. That means I haven’t bought lunch at work in a few months now. Crazy considering a year ago I was buying lunch four or five days a week.

It makes me seriously appreciate paid for work lunches
Even better, one of my lunches this week was a box of chicken noodle soup that I had bought a while back when one of us was sick, and it didn’t get eaten. Since it’s not something we eat when we’re well, no one has wanted to eat it since. In the past, that is something that probably would have sat on the shelf for years until it finally expired and then I threw it out. Not only does this save us money, but it also seriously cuts down on food waste. There’s nothing I hate more than things that end of uselessly in the landfill, and I am finally getting a heck of a lot better at it when it comes to food.

Another day I completely spaced and didn’t bring any lunch, so I ended up eating an apple and some oatmeal that I had in my office. After Kristine at Frugally Reckless wrote about her pantry at work and showed off her fantastic snack shelf, I’m realizing I need to up my game there. Regardless, I had enough to eat and kept myself from running out for food just because I had forgotten.

Current sad state of affairs. Worse – the bars are technically expired now.
Apparently I have too much going on this week or something, because I had somehow also forgotten to leave a change of clothes at work on Tuesday for my regular morning run to work on Wednesday. Running with a bag over your shoulder full of clothes is really no fun, and I ended up taking a bus part way. The upside is I had time to lift some weights in our work gym, and now I am still incredibly sore two days later. I used to lift a couple days a week and I definitely miss it. I need to figure out a routine where I make it happen even twice a week – even just body weight exercises at home.

I’m not sure how I totally missed on two very regular parts of my routine now, but I still didn’t eat out for lunch, and I still didn’t drive my car into work, so I’m calling this a successful week even if I’ve been pretty dang forgetful.

3. I haven’t done any kind of grocery shopping since our trip to Costco last Thursday. This is a huge huge deal because we used to hop into the store for at least a few things a good five or six or seven days every week. The downside to living within a short walk of the grocery store is you can always convince yourself there is time to go.

4. I picked up another giant stack of books for our son at the library this week. It looks like he is going to become a voracious reader like I have always been, and that makes my heart happy. And picking the books up from the library makes my wallet happy.

5. I am absolutely loving the community in the No (Low) Spend 2018 Facebook group. One of the members tipped me off to a program where with a debit card from Bank of America you can get free admittance to different “museums and things” on the first full weekend of every month.

I’ve never heard of this before despite having a BOA card for almost a decade (I had to go for that bank because it was the only one that was in both Oregon and the town in South Carolina I moved to after graduation). I’m excited to look into this over the weekend and figure out where this might get us in for free.

How was your week? What were some of your frugal wins? I would love to hear all about them!

30 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five (2018 – Week 3)

  1. Love this! Sounds like a frugal week indeed. 🙂 I love hitting up the library for free cookbooks; saves my butt with meal planning for sure.

    This week:

    1. I rented several books from Kindle Unlimited as part of my Prime membership.

    2. I rooted through the freezer yesterday to find some lunch instead of eating out.

    3. I made a fancy cappucino at home instead of going out to buy one.

    4. I washed our clothes with homemade dish soap.

    5. I’m combining chores/errands for the weekend by location so we can save more money on gas.

    1. Somehow I’ve never considered checking out cookbooks – time for me to do this! Rooting through the freezer for lunch stuff is never as much fun but it’s sure satisfying when you know you’re actually eating the food you’ve bought. Ha

    1. Thank you! Can night is an excellent idea – we’ve gotten back into the habit of having a fend for yourself night maybe once a week and it’s been great. Nobody has to cook a full meal and then we make sure to eat what we already have in the house.

  2. Do you have a state/city ID? The NYCID allows free museum membership for a year for like 40 museums! Not sure where you are!

    This is pretty cool, and um, is there a recipe for that panchetta toast thing. It looks so so so good.

    1. Hmmm not sure Washington State does that. But that is SO cool.

      And that’s a “tartine” with pear, goat cheese and hazelnuts. So freaking good. But no I did not make it – free work lunch haha.

  3. Oh that’s cool you have a work gym, hopefully you can figure a routine and get your workout in a few times a week. I’m try to get back into a routine as well, started to do some ab work for the past month at home and hopefully could expand on it.

    1. It’s tiny, and I prefer my regular gym (which is 2 minutes from my house), but I’m so grateful to have it there. Maybe now that I’ve mentioned it on the blog I’ll actually make it happen!

  4. Nice frugal week! Our frugal win was eating an entirely garden grown meal (minus a little olive oil). I cooked up the last of our spaghetti squash and mixed it with our homemade tomato sauce. I also got back in the habit of walking the stairs at work for the second part of my lunch (woo to working on the top floor). I did that a bunch before we visited Colorado, but walking stairs for fifteen minutes is tiring! Hopefully I keep it up past this week.

    1. There are honestly few things in life more satisfying than an entirely homegrown meal.

      Stair walking is hard work – 15 minutes is a heck of a midday workout.

  5. My frugal win this week was to only buy lunch out twice and I also made a bunch of homemade food, which is all delicious. Also, I’ve stopped buying lattes and instead am making them at home, which I am really proud of. Next week I want to sort out some “in case of emergency” meals for us in the freezer so that we don’t go buying takeout late at night when my partner comes home. Great post, really enjoyed it ! You keep on doing amazing!

    1. In case of emergency freezer take out meals is definitely something I want to work on in the future, but right now we’re trying to empty the thing so we can de-ice it. Ha

  6. Nice work! Some of my tricks for keeping food at the office: buy bulk foil packs of tuna from WalMart.com. I also keep macadamia nuts – though they spoil fast so take about half the can from Costco. I also keep a bottle of olive oil to gussy up leftovers.
    When I’m in a bind, I’ll get a large serving to go of chili from the cafeteria, and load it up with cheese from the salad bar. It’s a heckuva lot cheaper than a standard issue meal or salad. And filling enough.

    1. Yum I do love macadamia nuts. Hate tuna though 😉 We don’t have a cafeteria at work but I do generally keep madras lentils (also from Costco) on hand, but they’re way better if I remember to at least bring rice.

  7. I’ve been trying to muster the initiative to bring lunch to work. Our cafe at work is pretty reasonable and I can get a good meal for five or six dollars. It’s not as bad as going out to eat though bringing lunch would still be cheaper and healthier. Decisions, decisions.

    I always enjoy your frugal Friday posts. Keep em coming!

    1. We don’t have a cafe at work, though there is a restaurant in the building – $10 to $20 lunches though, so definitely not as tempting on the cost side. I’m glad you enjoy these posts – they are really fun to write!

  8. Nice!! Both my husband and I take our lunch to work daily. We make enough at dinner for leftovers the next day and it makes it so easy.

    1. Leftovers for lunch make it sooo easy. And an awesome way to make sure you don’t waste food as well.

  9. Hats off to you! I’ve definitely not had a frugal week. I’ve already spent over $500 this week alone. Granted $150 was for medical and $330 was for the monthly grocery. The splurge for me was a haircut. Short hair is really difficult to keep neat without a proper cut!

    1. Is $330 all your groceries for the month?? And the upkeep is why I keep my hair in a basic long cut – for the savings, but mostly for not needing to find the time to get it cut regularly!

  10. Great frugal five! I haven’t gone out for lunch in months either, it’s just routine now to make my lunch for the next day the night before. My work has a gym too which is actually pretty big and has everything I need. It really helps to spend nothing on a monthly gym membership!

    1. Oh- I still totally have a separate gym membership for the place next to my house. But it’s only $17/mo so I’m keeping it.

  11. Great job and what a great post idea! As a new blogger I AM struggling with content ideas so thanks for that little bit of motivation 🙂

    1. It’s amazing how much of a struggle it is sometimes at the start to come up with enough content – now I have more ideas than I have time to write. It’s funny how much that changes the more you keep at it.

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