Welcome to another week of the Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays roundup. I started this series after months of debate because I wasn’t certain I wanted to up the ante and commit to publishing three posts a week. However, now that I’ve started sharing these posts, I’m so glad I started.

There are so many fabulous women writing about personal finance online, and yet there is still a perception that women aren’t good with money, don’t care about money, or don’t understand it on a granular level beyond perhaps knowing how to coupon and score a good shopping deal. These roundups are my way of doing a small part to change that perception. There are no shortage of women online doing their part to make it clear that they DO understand money, and these posts are meant to amplify that fact.

The hardest part of this post every week always is narrowing it down to my favorites, because there is just so much good content out there. If you’re ever interested in what else I’m reading, I share quite a few other posts on Twitter (and that’s also where I read most of the content to begin with these days).

Our Women’s Personal Finance Facebook group also has a sharing thread on Fridays, and that’s the place to read all the blog posts written by members over the previous week. If you’re looking for more articles written by women, that’s a great place to continue reading (plus we have plenty of great discussions on finances the rest of the week as well!).

If you don’t have the time or inclination to go searching down myriad posts, though, I will be continuing this series every week to showcase some of the best of the new content I read. If you ever read a post you think I absolutely need to consider for this roundup, please let me know! I am always open to reading new blogs (and posts of blogs I do know, because I miss some).

Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays – Week 68

1. Why I Decided to Switch to Part Time Modern Fimily

This post is a little older than normal for this roundup, but between my blogging break and our trip to Iceland, as well as a cold thrown in for good measure, I hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. Courtney and I had discussed this possibility for her when she’d visited me over the summer, and I was thrilled when she told me she was going to make the leap.

It can be so hard to change course, especially when you have a specific goal and timeline in mind – like her with early retirement – but life is rarely static. I haven’t heard an update from her other than this post though, so perhaps I’ll ask here: is going back to shift work and part time as good as you hoped it would be? I know my own experience with less than full time work has been even better than anticipated.

2. You Deserve To Spend Your Money Fierbird Finance

This post is pretty straightforward, but I love that Emily flips the common comment on its head. Yes, you absolutely deserve to spend your money. But you also deserve a stable future and to be intentional about where that money goes.

Money is a very emotional thing and different for everyone. If you need to hear this advice, then here it is: you deserve it. You deserve to spend your money on the things that bring you happiness. Just figure out what those things really are first.

3. How I am Investing to Save the Planet Triple Bottom Line FI

I am so impressed by Laura’s detailed post on regenerative investing. I’ve dabbled in ESG funds, but she’s taken it to the next level here. I’ve been spoiled by being able to invest my funds locally in affordable, sustainable projects, but I also invest in index funds.

This is a post I’ll be referring back to throughout the year while I continue to make plans for my investments. If you’re looking to learn more about sustainable investing, this is a great place to start.

4. Let 2020 Be The Year We Get Rid Of Girlboss Culture For Good Refinery29

This article from a larger media company is so well written and important that I decided to include it in this week’s roundup as an extra post. You may have already seen it make the rounds, but if not, it’s worth the read.

If we weren’t so scared of women’s power we wouldn’t need to do this, to make it more palatable by rolling it in glitter and pinkwashing it.

While I don’t agree with the way this author bashes all-female coworking spaces, the rest of this article is spot on. That isn’t to say that I don’t know some fabulous business minded ladies who use the term girlboss, because I absolutely do. But there are big glaring problems with it at a systemic level. If we want true equality and equity in the future, we should be focused on just being bosses – not girlbosses.

I hope you enjoy the posts this week as much as I did. I read a ton of content and it was hard to narrow down my favorites. I’m looking forward to sharing some new ones with you again next week!

As always, if you’re looking for a categorized list of self identified women writing and speaking about personal finance, here is my comprehensive guide to the Women of the Financial Independence Community.

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7 thoughts on “Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays: Week 68 Roundup

  1. i worked those same shift hours for the better part of about 12 years. i only had 160 scheduled work days/year if you knock off paid vacation. it works for some people and i lost a bunch of pay to switch to m-f work a couple of years ago. i’m not going back to that shift work even if it doubled my pay. we’re all different in that way i guess.

    1. Yeah, I think I’d be okay with shift work – maybe – if they were day shifts. Nights would be a no go for me.

  2. re: you deserve to spend your money — YES. THIS. It took me a while to get here on this one but am I ever glad I did. The point of money is to spend it. SO glad to see someone else saying that!

    Saw the Refinery29 piece circulating on Twitter and you’re right: for the most part, it is spot. on.

  3. Thanks Angela for the feature! To answer your question above – yes 100% the move to go back to shift work part time was WELL worth it! I honestly feel like I’m retired early already lol. The work life balance is so amazing, I don’t need to travel for work anymore, and when I’m done with my shift I leave work at the door as someone else is now on to handle it. They adjusted our schedule around so I now work 2 on, 8 off – on repeat. It’s honestly so so amazing and Nic and I joke that I may stay here longer than anticipated because the balance is so good and we could go on some pretty incredible trips with the extra income once. It was VERY hard for me to give up my work from home set up from my previous job but since I’m home so much more now going into the office doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all. I was also hesitant to go back to shift work, not knowing how my body would handle it, and so far so good. It’s definitely not good for your body but with all the time off I’m able to adjust quite smoothly. Sounds like I should write another blog post following up on my decision to switch to part time 😉

    1. You absolutely should write a follow up! Maybe on The Fioneers’ slowfi series?

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