Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday! It’s moi, Kassandra Dasent, stopping by this week to guest curate this edition of Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays.

I have been involved in the personal finance space since late 2013 and took a 3+ year hiatus. I pulled an Adele, came back to the PF world in 2018, and to my delight found that the number of female PF content creators had increased substantially. One woman in particular that stood out in my opinion was and is, Angela.
Through this blog and her vibrant Facebook community, Angela has managed to connect women of all races and female gender identity/roles, socio-economic backgrounds, religious/spiritual/atheist affiliations, and facilitate intimate and informative discussions about money, life, and everything in between. As someone who places a high value on creating holistic wealth and focuses on the personal, emotional, and societal connections we create in relation to money, I found Angela’s approach to be refreshing. Angela created a safe space for women to talk about more than just money and she has positively impacted thousands of women as a result.
I have experienced the happy surprise of being tagged in a tweet because of a couple of my posts were featured in past editions 🙂 I had the opportunity to share a wonderful meal with Angela and her son last summer in Seattle and caught up with her again at Fincon 2019. Because of our connection, it was easy to say yes when Angela recently asked me if I wanted to participate as a guest curator.
Personal finance is so much more than a Monte Carlo simulation or how much interest can one save in paying off debt a year early. Yes, the numbers matter. What matters to me more is understanding the story of the individual and what motivates and influences them when making decisions about their money.
Here are a few recent articles that I found to be insightful and helpful. All were written by phenomenal women who contribute to the growth and evolution of the personal finance community that I’m happy to be a part of. Let’s continue to celebrate and uplift one another!

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Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays – Week 84

1. Life is Not a Buffet Emily Guy Birken

“We envy what we don’t have, and we mentally treat the missing piece as if it were something we could pick up on the buffet of life to add to our own experiences. Which means we end up resenting some poor schmoe for having something we don’t, even though they haven’t even fired up the ol’ 911 in months because they’re going through a contentious divorce.

Envy ends up painting with a broad brush, when the details make all the difference.”

2. The Fear of Rejection is Costing You Money Quinisha Jackson-Wright

“Sometimes avoiding rejection eventually makes us believe life would have been much better if we had only tried that thing we were scared to do. Because it’s not possible to know how things would have played out in real life, our minds kick into fantasy mode and fill in the imaginary blanks.”

3. Adopting a Slow FI Mindset Can Help Us Thrive in a Crisis The Fioneers

“Focusing on the finances of FI helps us to better prepare ourselves and feel more secure during a crisis. While this alone can help provide us with peace of mind, it doesn’t guarantee that we will be able to thrive mentally and emotionally during this time.”

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I hope you enjoy the posts this week as much as I did. I read a ton of content and it was hard to narrow down my favorites. I’m looking forward to sharing some new ones with you again next week!

As always, if you’re looking for a categorized list of self identified women writing and speaking about personal finance, here is my comprehensive guide to the Women of the Financial Independence Community.

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