That’s it. That’s the post.

Oh. And 14 days after his second dose (ie when he will be considered fully vaccinated) lands exactly on my birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.

I told him to top that he’ll have to solve for world peace or climate change or something.

What a world we currently live in – a six year old and he practically skipped/ran into the store and then danced around after his shot, chanting “best day ever.” You can see it in his eyes. He’s so dang happy, and so are we. I love you kiddo, and I am so thankful for science so we can protect you.

8 thoughts on “MY KID GOT VACCINATED!!!

  1. Congrats! It has been a long journey, Here’s to the happy dance in Kirkland today. Husband got his booster today. Daughter got a negative covid test.

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