So our marriage is now officially a teenager. We got married really young, so we’ve been married well over a third of our lives at this point.

Wild that we thought we were grown enough to make that decision when we did, but I’m so happy we did. Our life is a good one, love, and I’m glad we’re doing it together.

13 Years of Marriage Adventures

Over the last year of marriage we:

Celebrated our previous anniversary with a glamping weekend up near Bellingham:

Spent plenty of hours hiking the trails behind our house:

Took a trip out to the Olympic Peninsula with friends for the husband’s and their birthday:

Did some more hiking, this time at Lime Kiln Trail:

Visited our dear friends and old neighbors in Italy:

Expanded our flock:

Marched and protested against the Dobbs decision:

And again did some more hiking:

Visited with family who came for a visit for the first time since COVID began:

Went camping with the dogs and some friends to one of our very favorite spots, with the most Indian Paintbrush in bloom we’d ever seen:

Watched the kiddo’s first theater performance after summer camp:

Sent the kiddo to in person (dual language Spanish) school for the first time since COVID began:

First day of school

Said goodbye to our very best pup, Sasha:

Finally took my grandmother back to Leavenworth for her annual birthday trip (for the first time in three years):

Celebrated our first (hopefully annual) neighborhood Oktoberfest:

Went to the big pirate block party to extend out our Halloween:

Want to look back at the previous years with me? I’ve been posting these since I started blogging: 12 years, 11 years, 10 years, 9 years, 8 years, and a bit about marrying young.

Life is still kinda weird, and likely never will be back to 2019 “normal,” but I’m glad to be doing it with you, my love. 13 years on the 13th. Here’s to another year of lots of adventures together.

4 thoughts on “13 Years of Marriage Adventures

  1. There is not much in life that can equal a good marriage. We’re on year 45 of ours and still hiking and walking and running and tennising and pickle balling and fishing and off roading and keeping in touch with our three grown kids’ families. It takes a little work to make and keep a happy marriage but the rewards are priceless! You youngsters are well on your way!

  2. Congratulations from Beaufort SC!
    We just celebrated 40!
    Married at 19 years old each…
    Crazy how time has flown by…
    Enjoy each year,

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